50kg Galvanised Feeder (with adjustable legs and spiral)

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Self feed hoppers are a basic but reliable method of feeding game birds and poultry outdoors in all weather. At Solway Feeders we choose to sell products that are strong- well made and long lasting. This feeder will give many years of service to your pheasants- ducks or hens. The all metal construction is rat- squirrel and rain proof and the self feed hopper makes an excellent chicken feeder or pheasant feeder as the hopper can hold 2 x 25kg bags of wheat or pellets. The hopper is made from galvanised 1mm steel- and the base of the hopper is recessed by 1" (25mm) so that no water will reach the feeder attachment. The Solway version has been pre-drilled in the base for a spiral feeder nozzle- which is supplied. The captive hinged lid is rainproof. the hinge can be simply tightened to make the lid harder to open. The lid opening itself is 435mm wide- while the body is 500mm wide x 570mm high. The hopper has carry handles to make moving the feeder much easier- with a carrying capacity of 55kg of wheat or pellets. The Solway 50kg outdoor features adjustable galvanised metal legs. Galvanised metal legs are much stronger than wood so they will last for many years.there are holes pre-drilled into the legs for a high setting and a low setting. The high leg setting is for adult hens- pheasants- ducks- turkeys- geese etc. while the low leg setting is for partridges and quail. If you want to set a height between the high and low pre-drilled holes- it is possible drill your own legs. The legs are bolted to the hopper using special threaded inserts- making the feeder completely waterproof. All holes are pre-drilled with all fixings provide; simply line up the legs with the threaded inserts attached to the metal hopper and secure with the bolts provided. once bolted into the hopper the legs will never fall out when you move the feeder. Three legs- six bolts - simple. Dimensions: 1000mm high- 630mm diameter. lid 435mm diameter if you wish to buy the hopper on its own and add your own legs then see the solway storage bin (50kg). For more information on using Spiral Feeders please click on this link: Using Spiral Feeders Please allow 10/14 working days for delivery. Heavy bulky item

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