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Snares, Purse Nets & Rabbiting Accessories

Snares, Purse Nets & Rabbiting Accessories:

Snares: Snares are simple yet effective tools used for trapping small game like rabbits.

Consisting of a wire loop that tightens around the animal’s neck or body when triggered, snares are typically set along game trails or in areas where rabbits are known to frequent. They offer a discreet and economical method of capturing rabbits, but proper placement and checking frequency are essential to ensure humane trapping and compliance with local regulations.

Purse Nets: Purse nets are another popular tool used in rabbiting. These nets are designed to be thrown over a rabbit when it is spotted, capturing it inside the net. Purse nets are commonly used by hunters who prefer a hands-on approach to trapping rabbits. They require skill and accuracy in throwing to effectively capture the target animal. Purse nets come in various sizes and materials to suit different trapping situations and preferences.

Rabbiting Accessories: In addition to snares and purse nets, various accessories can enhance the efficiency and convenience of rabbiting. These may include:

  • Trap markers: Brightly coloured flags or markers can help identify the location of traps and snares, reducing the risk of accidental entanglement.
  • Trap setters: Specialized tools for setting snares or adjusting purse nets can simplify the process and minimize the risk of injury to the trapper.

When using snares, purse nets, or other trapping equipment, it’s essential to prioritize safety, humane treatment of animals, and compliance with local regulations. Trappers should familiarize themselves with relevant laws and guidelines regarding trapping methods, seasons, and bag limits to ensure responsible and legal rabbiting practices. Additionally, regular monitoring and maintenance of traps are necessary to prevent unintended harm to non-target species and to uphold ethical trapping standards.