Solway Mk. 2 Universal Partridge Feeder (75kg)

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Solway Mk.2 Universal Partridge Feeder can hold 75kg of feed ( 3 full bags ) It's huge rain guard  keeps all but the worst of weather from ruining feed in the feed trough. Constructed from long lasting UV proof polyethylene plastic.  Assembled in around thirty seconds with a quick assembly rod.

Solway Mk.2 Universal Partridge Feeder, can be used to feed partridges and pheasants in rearing pens. Some of our customers have found that it most useful in partridge release pens. It not only provides the birds with a large capacity feeder, but also works well as a shelter against the rain.

Please allow 10/14 working days for delivery. Approx 1.20metres diameter by 0.7metres high

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