Solway Universal Outdoor Feeder (70Kg)

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This product is now only available in BLACK This extra large capacity feeder is at home both indoors and out. The massive 32 inch (810mm) rain shield keeps the feed dry- and the reinforced feed tray gives 72 inches (1830mm) of trough space- meaning less feeders per bird. Suitable for hens- pheasants and even ducks- this spacious item has more than enough room to feed large numbers of birds for extended periods. There is an anti scratch guard- and all the UV proof plastic components parts are bolted together. The large feed bin has an easily removable "snap on" lid- and can be easily filled with up to 70kg of wheat or pellets. Feed is trickled down to the feed tray by gravity- and the trays simply refill themselves as they are emptied. The lid has been re-shaped to aid water run-off. We can now also supply the plastic 70kg taper bins separately.

This item is only available in black. Dimensions: feed tray: 580mm diameter- 70mm deep. Feed bin: 610mm high- 430mm diameter at top. Assembled feeder: 940mm high.

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