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Solway RBF Feed / Storage Bin (50kg)

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This strong feed bin is ideal for the storage of a variety of different feeds. It may look like a normal rubbish bin- but it is far more durable and long-lasting. With an internal holding capacity of 50kg (or approx 70 litres)- the carefully built bins are totally vermin proof. By tightening the hinges just slightly with a spanner- it can also be made dog-proof. The feed bins are galvanised- so they are silver in colour: we have used darker photos on the website as they stand out more. Strong handles on either side allow the bins to be easily moved around- and the bottom has a rubber ring fixed to it so that it is easy to lift up and put down without damaging flooring or tiles. Dimensions: 570mm high x 500mm wide empty weight: 10.5kg

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