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Digital Smart Emperor Feeder

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Digital Smart Feeder attached to the Emperor feed hopper. The longer legs give sufficient height to spread the feed further. The digital smart feeder will feed up to six times per day from 0-59 seconds. The feeder is suitable for most poultry, game birds and wildfowl. Operates on 6 volt dry cell lantern battery or 6 volt rechargeable battery (not supplied). The rechargeable battery will last up to 4 weeks on normal twice daily feeding cycles. Feed spread is approx 16 feet/5metres diameter below the feeder. It’s fitted with a new type anti-spill spinner plate. The nozzle to spinner plate distance is adjustable & helps minimize spillage. Suitable for wheat, barley and standard poultry & game pellets.
The Emperor feeder hopper holds approx 50Kg. Manufactured from recycled plastic the design of the hopper helps feed to run smoothly without clogging.
The Digital Smart Emperor feeder represents good value for money for smaller shoots or smallholders wishing to automate their feeding.

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