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Solway Trailfeeder (1311)

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Solway Trailfeeder designed and built by Solway Feeders in Scotland.  Please allow 3 weeks for delivery. Please be aware this trailer is for off-road use only, max speed 10mph

 This is a Solway Feeders designed machine which can be filled with pellets, wheat, barley or a mixture and towed behind an ATV, UTV or Land Rover Pickup type vehicle.

The standard wiring loom supplied fits most ATV quad bikes, other looms are available at extra cost, please specify towing vehicle when ordering.                                  

The driver controls the release of feed by a switch connected to the wiring loom, and a spinner plate underneath the machine scatters the feed behind. Maximum speed must be less than 10mph. By scattering feed along the length of each feed ride and by planning your entire feed route carefully, you will not only save time, but you will also see your birds become wilder with less wandering and a better spread over the guns. The strong polyethylene hopper is totally weather proof and designed to flex over rough ground. The hopper has a recommended maximum capacity of 200kg, and is easily filled through the hinged, waterproof lid. A lesser feed weight and volume is recommended when traversing hilly or uneven ground. The 160mm spinning plate has raised edges to prevent spillages. The galvanised steel chassis and flexible mudguards are robust and long lasting. The entire unit can be easily hooked up to a trailer hitch with standard 50mm ball hitch fittings. The feed rate is set based on using clean dry wheat. When feeding pellets or a mixture of pellets and wheat the feed rate will be reduced and you may need to “spin” for a longer time. It is not recommended for larger kernel such as whole maize of large sunflower seeds or the like, but we can supply a modified version for these large feeds at extra cost, please contact our sales or technical department for more information.

Use cleaned / sieved feed only, stones and foreign matter will damage your feeder and void your warranty.  Do not use liquid based attractants, powder attractants such as Solway Gamemaster Spice and Birdpuller can be used.

The model is powered by a UK made Solway spec  12vdc high torque high capacity motor which runs off your vehicle’s battery, featuring the new uprated looms fitted with power relay switching. We supply as standard the wiring and plugs to fit most ATV agricultural quad bikes. If you are using another type of towing vehicle utv, mule, pick-up truck or land rover etc. please specify when ordering as a different wiring loom may be available, at additional cost, contact our sales or technical team for more details. All electrical connections must be made via a 15amp inline fuse.

We stock a wide variety of spare and supplementary items for this unit, including spinner plates, motors, stub axles, wheels and tyres, tow hitches, etc.

FEED RATE approx. 250g /0.5lb feed per second based on cleaned dry wheat, controlled by a simple push button switch, and casts a wide fourteen foot spread of food.

Approx. dimensions: empty weight 150kg. Hopper capacity 200kg. Max gross weight 350kg Hopper dimensions 900x900x320mm. Overall width ( inc wheels ) 1480mm Overall height 1000mm overall length 1800mm ground clearance 345mm

Maintaining your Solway Trail Feeder

The Solway Trailfeeder has been designed to give years of service with the minimum of maintenance. Before leaving our works each machine has a pre-delivery inspection. We recommend that you read the instruction/maintenance manual to familiarize yourself with the operation and essential parts. A simple, regular maintenance plan will cut downtime and extend the life of your machine & comply with your warranty. To ensure maximum reliability please follow the instructions below:

Wheel bearings. When the Solway Trailfeeder is delivered the wheel bearings are not run in. After the first 12hrs of use the bearings must be checked and adjusted as follows: while rotating the wheel tighten the castle nut until there is a slight bind and all bearing surfaces are in contact. Then back off the castle nut 1/8 of a turn to the nearest locking hole. The wheel should rotate freely with 0.002-0.008 inch of play or end float. Lock the castle nut in place with a new split pin. Failure to replace this pin may cause the wheel & hub to come off the axle!  Repeat for the other wheel. ensure the hub caps are securely re-fitted. The wheel bearings must be checked and adjusted again at 100hr or one-month interval whichever is sooner. It is recommended that at three month intervals the hubs are repacked with fresh clean grease and adjusted as above. failure to service, lubricate & adjust the bearings will void the warranty on the machine. Wheel nuts all wheel nuts should be checked to ensure that they are not loose. Regular general cleaning of the wheel, tyre, hub and threads is recommended. Nuts should not be over tightened as this will damage the threads on the wheel studs and present a serious safety hazard. Wheel nuts should be tightened to 60lb / ft.

Tow hitch & swivel coupling The tow hitch must be checked on a regular basis for damage, cleaned and re-greased every week. The swivel coupling must be checked to ensure smooth rotation and re-greased every week. Check all fixing bolts for tightness. it is also worth checking, cleaning and lightly lubricating the tow ball on the towing vehicle.

The Solway Trailfeeder CHASSIS is fully galvanized to provide maximum resistance to corrosion. To ensure long life the chassis should be cleaned on a regular basis and inspected for damage. If any damage to the galvanizing has been done it is recommended that a galvanized paint is used to retouch the damaged area. If you are in any doubt regarding correct maintenance or operation please contact your supplier or ourselves directly.

Wheels and Tyres.   Check wheels and tyres regularly, and maintain the pressures as in the handbook

The Solway Trailfeeder is ROHS compliant.

Updated 11th January 2022

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