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6 Hole Nest Box Front Roll Out

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Solway 6 hole nest box front roll out, manufactured from metal and plastic and is now supplied FLAT PACKED. All materials are manufactured in the UK. The 6 hole nest box incorporates roll out nest bottoms with covers, making collecting the eggs easy.

The roll out nest bottoms prevent the hens from damaging or fouling the eggs once laid. The hinged covers allow easy access to the eggs. The nest bottoms can be removed for cleaning. The design of the nest box minimises cracks and crevices to allow successful cleaning and disinfection, helping to reduce the build up of bacteria and mite infestations.The nest boxes are suitable for pressure washing.

Hanging brackets are included. The perches can be folded up to block access to the nest if required. A ten hole nest box is suitable for up to 70 hens. The nest boxes may be configured for rear roll out. Please state preference when ordering.

Dimensions: depth ( with perches ) 54cm- Height 90cm- Length 92cm approx. Weight:18kg.

Please note  the nest box will now be delivered flat packed. This is to reduce carriage costs and the risk of damage.

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