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Wise Drinker Universal Mains Fed

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Wise Drinker Universal Mains Fed, a wall mounted drinker designed to minimise and prevent contamination from wild birds and pests. The drinker is mains fed and comes complete with fitted ball cock and hose connector. The main benefits of both the manual and automatic Wise drinkers are:

Wall mounted providing easy access for the birds, with a reflective area at the front, encouraging them to drink more water.

Safe clean water, the raincover prevents droppings from entering the water and debris from falling in the drinking trough, helping prevent contamination and disease, including avian influenza.

The rain cover helps keep water cool. The design  increases the efiiciency of medicated water, helping save money by not over medicating.

Manufactured from durable plastic with a matt finish and is easy to clean.

Suitable for all types of poultry and game birds.

Size 55cm wide x 28cm deaap x 36cm high.






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