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BEC 75 Hanging Drinker

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BEC 75 Hanging drinker is suitable for adult chickens, ducks and game birds. Each drinker includes two metres of 6mm bore tubing, a saddle connector, a hanging strap, eight feet of hanger cord and an adjuster. Each BEC 75 drinker comes with an inbuilt filter element. A full range of spares is available.

The drinker requires a low pressure header tank . For small scale operations requiring only one drinker, we recommend buying the outlet for water drum for 6mm bore tubing. This handy fitting will allow you to connect the drinker straight to a bucket or other similar water tank

Hanging drinkers allow the height to be adjusted to suit most bird species.

. Diameter of trough 21.5cm


Insert the black valve unit into the top of the cone, valve downwards.Before inserting the valve into the top of the cone, check the top and bottom caps (part nos 412767 and 411822) are not loose. Push the black adjuster collar down until it locates into the threads. Care must be taken not to cross the threads. Continue screwing in a clockwise direction until the ratchet is reached. Normally, eight clicks gives a starting point for adjustment. The water level can then be controlled by rotating the adjuster collar clockwise for more depth, anti-clockwise for less.The drinkers should be installed and filled at least 24 hours before introducing the birds, to ensure that they are working correctly. If a unit overfills, carefully dismantle the valve and check for any dirt or contamination. Reassemble and retest.

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