Solway ATV Rifle Rest (1321)

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This quality ATV rifle rest ensures a steady aim anywhere in a 160 degree arc from your ATV seat - ideal for single handed foxing. The rest has provision for height adjustment- and there is a mount for a Cluson LA series lamp available upon request. We recommend these lamps as they can tilt and swivel in every direction when mounted (the lamp is not supplied).

The rest is made from moulded polyethylene plastic- mottled grey colour- tough enough to withstand everyday use without damaging the barrels or wood of your rifle/shotgun. The fixings are in two parts. A bottom plate is permanently fixed to the front carrier rack- this being almost flat allows objects to be carried when the rest is not in use. The top plate is fixed to the rest- and it can be simply slotted in place before being clamped into position with two over centre clips. The rest can be unclipped and removed in less than 15 seconds.  Cluson lamp mount for LA type available as optional extra.

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