Large Multi Catch Mouse Trap

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This long-lasting metal multi-catch mouse trap is capable of catching up to ten mice at once- holding them securely in an internal compartment. An inbuilt transparent lid allows the trap to be easily checked- and all captured animals should be re-released or disposed of with all reasonable haste. Position the "tincat" in areas where mice are likely to travel as they move from hiding places to feeding sites- in particular doorways and building entrances. Both entry ports of the trap should be adjacent to a wall- and you should ensure that mice can enter from both ends of the unit. For best results- place the traps in areas where gnawed openings or droppings are evident. You can bait this trap with cheese or chocolate- but we recommend provoke mouse bait as a great way of drawing them in.  Dimensions: 265mm x 160mm x 50mm high weight: 555g

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