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This simple trap is one of the most advanced and professional ways of reliably killing mice- and the durable materials used in its construction are sure to provide years of service. The trap can be set and emptied using only one hand- meaning that there is no need to even touch the trapped mouse. The bait is placed in a cup in the middle of a pressure sensitive plate- which gives the bar less distance to travel when compared with a traditional trap; ensuring an accurate and deadly strike. The spring mechanism is also set from behind so that fingers do not come below the strike bar- making this one of the safest mouse traps to set on the market. In an environment where children or pets are present- this trap can be placed inside a protective box- known as an af snappa mouse box. Mouse traps were traditionally baited using cheese or chocolate- but we have recently found an even better bait which was designed specifically for mice. We recommend this trap when used with provoke professional mouse attractant. [[[youtube video_id=ApoBATbyGaM hd=1 autoplay=0 showinfo=0 rel=0 allow_fullscreen=1 enhanced_privacy=0 modest_branding=0 width=640 height=480 align=]]]

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