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King Feeder Clear Outdoor 25Kg

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The King Feeder clear, with rain cover,  is a UK manufactured item, made from durable plastic and can hold 25kg of food - a full sack. The clear tube and hat make it easy to see at a distance how much feed is left in the feeder. The adjustable tube makes it simple  to restrict the feed supply to the trough. The feed trickles down into the troughs as the birds eat.

The trough of the King Feeder is quite narrow allowing chicks as well as adult birds to feed. This clever design prevents birds from scratching the feed out of the feeder with their feet. Each feeder comes with a rain cover, making it perfect for outdoor use.

An anti scratch ring is available separately.

Bulk discounts are available on this item call  for more details. Dimensions: 55cm high x 63cm wide empty weight: 3kg.  A plastic stand code no. 6003 is available at extra cost.

Manufacturer's information can be viewed here

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Weight 4 kg

84362900 ORIGIN: UK