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Bi OO Cyst Disinfectant 5 Litres

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Bi-oo-cyst virucide bactericide fungicide coccidiacide effective against excreted endoparasites including unsporulated oocysts & other worm eggs bi-oo-cyst is the first disinfectant designed to be a powerful- DEFRA approved virucide- whilst also being effective against endoparasites especially oocysts.

Bi-oo-cyst is the most versatile disinfectant currently available and has been designed specifically to meet the exacting demands of today's modern livestock industry. Its broad spectrum of activity is effective against endoparasites including oocysts- viruses- bacteria- moulds and yeasts.

The versatility of bi-oo-cyst offers farmers the first product that will not only disinfect but at the same time control coccidiosis all in one simple operation. Recommended dilution rate: general purpose disinfectant 1:100 foot and mouth disease 1:500 swine vesicular disease 1:125 * diseases of poultry orders 1:125 coccidiosis 1:30.

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