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Staldren Disinfectant Powder (25kg)

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Staldren powder is a unique drying agent which dehydrates many of the most common sources of bacteria and infection. Suitable for removing smells and odours related to ammonia- staldren binds to bacteria and fungal spores- creating conditions which are healthier and drier. Staldren is non-toxic for animals and humans- and its ability to dehydrate wet bedding removes the possibility of maggots or larvae from striking. Simply scatter the floor of your animal housing with measured handfuls of staldren powder for fast acting results. As long as the powder is pink- the disinfectant properties are still working. Once staldren is no longer active- the powder fades in colour. We also supply staldren powder in 10kg tubs.

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Weight 25 kg

3808942090 Origin: Denmark