Super’Wind’ Dry Plucker

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The superwind dry plucker has now been successfully used by game dealers- estates- small shoots and poultry farmers across the country. We are very pleased with the response and feedback we have had from customers and can recommend the product for its reliability and quality of finish. This heavy duty 7 disc dry plucker has two motors- one for the head and one for the fan. This extra motor provides additional suction- allowing a huge throughflow of feathers which will even allow you to pluck large- tough birds like geese in no time. Dry pluckers have several advantages over the traditional wet plucking machines- since birds can be hung for as long as you would like and the shelf life of the meat is greatly extended. This dry plucker makes short work of pheasants- partridges- mallard- teal- widgeon- snipe- woodcock- grouse and poultry- and the seven replaceable dishes work quickly and efficiently to strip feathers from even the most inaccessible spot. A collection bag gathers all feathers and stores them neatly below the plucking engine. The bag is easy to empty and replace. The machine runs from mains electricity and comes with a stand- a feather collection bag- a grease gun- an instruction cd-rom- instructions on maintenance and cleaning- ear defenders and a 1 year guarantee. Comes part assembled- 1 year guarantee. Spare parts available. Special order delivery approx 3 weeks.

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