Solway Hanging Nipple Bucket

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The Solway Nipple Bucket was developed to meet the demand for an economical nipple drinker. This simple system uses a bucket (with lid and handle)- a low pressure ballcock and eight vertical nipples. Water flows into the bucket via a fitting that will accommodate standard 6mm bore tubing. The bucket comes with the nipples pre-fitted and sealed. The level of the water inside the bucket has been kept as low as possible to avoid the water warming and spoiling. The drinker works best when the nipples are at a height at which birds have to lift their heads to reach the water droplets. The hanging handle can be easily adjusted- and it is simple to raise or lower this drinker according to where it is needed. Each drinker can be used for up to 150 chicks.

  • Helps eliminate cross contamination of disease through drinking water
  • Suitable for adult birds and chicks

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