Cluson Clubman Deluxe with Powerpack

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The Clubman Deluxe Kit is a complete package for lamping foxes and rabbits. The kit is made up of an la2 head unit which carries two lights- a one million candle power lamp and a secondary torch strength bulb- along with a 12v 7a/h rechargeable battery. The battery is connected to the lamp using a simple system of jacks- and we also include a compatible mains charger and a car charger lead so that the battery can be topped up from a vehicle. The battery is enclosed in a plastic case with a carry handle- as seen in our plastic case battery pack. The kit also includes a handle for the lamp and a shoulder strap to make it easier to carry the battery. The battery housing has a clip so that the handle can be slotted into it- turning the entire product into a large and easily operated traditional torch ( see main photograph- right ) the on/off switch is located on the back of the lamp- making it easy to reach with your thumb- and the three different settings (lamp- off- torch) are easily interchangeable. The unit is sealed and waterproof- and there are a range of coloured filters available. for compatability- see our filter chart. THIS IS THE STANDARD BATTERY VERSION OF THE DELUXE LAMP KIT This lamp comes with a one year guarantee. We now also supply at additional cost the cluson clubman deluxe with a lithium ion battery in the hard plastic case. Lithium ion technology has been shown to out-perform traditional sealed lead batteries- both in simplicity of use and battery life. Dimensions: lamp: lens diameter: 10cm- cable length: 50cm- weight: 410g battery: height: 17.5cm- width: 13cm- depth: 8cm- battery weight: 2.6kg

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