The WCS tube trap is self contained and operates on a powerful spring mechanism which instantly crushes the target animal against the inside of the tube. Lightweight, portable and easy to camouflage, the WCS provides an important new way of dealing with problematic grey squirrels and mink. Before setting the trap, leave it outside for a couple of days to weather, and avoid handling the item as much as possible to reduce the presence of human scent. This trap can only be legally used with permission from the land owner, and it must be checked at least once in every 24 hour period. As the trap's operator, you are responsible for everything that this trap will do, so take some time to make sure that only the animals you mean to kill can have access to the spring mechanism. To set the wcs tube trap: place the tube on the floor with the exposed mechanism facing away from you. Make sure the safety catch and trigger catch are pushed away, then place your palms on top of the trap to steady it, while pushing the spring bar down as far as it goes. Once you have pushed it as far as possible, flick the safety catch on and release the spring bar, then push down on the spring bar and click the trigger catch over the spring bar to engage it under the trigger plate. You may find that lifting the trigger plate with a finger will make this easier. Adjust the trigger catch so it is as close to the edge as possible so that the trap is given a fine setting. The WCS trap can now be put in position and covered over with local organic materials, sticks and stones. The small holes in the ends of the tunnel should be used to stake the trap down to the ground so that it is securely positioned, since animals will be reluctant to use a wobbly tunnel. The safety catch can now be moved out of the way and the trap is ready to fire. Try positioning the trap in its prefered location without setting it for a week, while baiting the trap and the immediate surrounding area with food. This will encourage squirrels to use the tunnel on a daily basis and increase your chances of catching them when the mechanism is eventually set.

Note: this is not the same trap as the American model (which is illegal to use in Great Britain). This model is specially made for the British market, and it contains a stronger spring. The WCS tube trap has recently gained parliamentry approval for use in england for use against mink, squirrel, stoat and weasel. Now also approved for Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

Length: 38cm Diameter: 11cm Weight: 1.35kg

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