These powerful spring traps are suitable for tackling grey squirrels and weasels. They are no longer legal in the UK for trapping STOATS                       

Their springs are extremely strong, and they are more than capable of breaking the bones in a human hand. Safety catches are fitted, and they should be used whenever the trap is being moved or adjusted. We have provided a video which demonstrates how these robust galvanised traps should be set, and it can be found just to the right of this text. Remember to weather your traps before use by burying them for a few weeks or allowing them to stand in acidic peat water. By the time that your traps are ready for use, they should look like the trap on the right (click on this link to read more on weathering traps). You are required by law to use these traps in a natural or artificial tunnel. Check traps at least twice daily and take any measures possible to prevent non-target species from gaining access to the trap. 

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We supply artificial tunnels stock code 3374, but it is easy to make your own using natural materials such as slate, stone, timber, turf etc.  We have published a product guide for the safe and legal operation of MK.4 Solway spring traps. Approx internal sizes for the home-made tunnel are 150mm wide x 150mm high x 550mm long.  Trap Weight: 380g. approx

For larger vermin species like grey squirrels, mink and rabbits, we recommend MK.6 Solway spring traps 

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