The Kania 2000 trap was originally developed in Canada for the fur trade, and it was approved for use in Great Britain from 1st march 1993 on mink, grey squirrel, stoat, weasel, rats and mice. The Kania 2000 is a self contained unit which allows the trapper an instant set, and it is widely considered one of the safest setting and most humane traps in the world today. This is a selective trap, being suitable for use by pest controllers in a wide variety of situations and locations. These traps are ideal for use in loft spaces for grey squirrels, particularly when baited with peanuts or peanut butter. For mink: set the trap in a suitable location, preferably near water which shows signs of mink presence. Place sand or dirt on the floor of the trap to act as a camouflage as well as providing a more attractive walking surface for the intended target. Place bait from the trigger side so that it is in front of the screen, then scatter some feathers, preferably light colored ones, around and in the trap to act as a sight attractant. The trap should then be covered and the entrance protected using local materials such as brash, bracken or grass. For grey squirrels: when making a set in a tree or on the side of a building for grey squirrels, drive two nails in and suspend the trap by the hanging loops provided. Ensure that the trap is securely fixed and will not wobble when entered. Do not bend the nails over or use staples, because the trap needs to be easily taken down to remove catches and perform resets. This trap can be set in an instant and will kill in an instant, even when used by an inexperienced operator. Always ensure traps are set legally and correctly, being properly protected and beyond the reach of non-target species. It is your responsibility as the trap's operator to ensure that it is checked at least once a day. Setting instructions are provided with each trap important safety note this trap is probably the most powerful spring trap on the uk market. Its power and the precision with which it kills also makes it very humane. Under no circumstances should you allow any of your body parts past the trap entrance once set. This trap has the power to break the bones in a human hand.

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