As of april 1st 2013, all snares in Scotland must be marked with the unique id number of the person who set them, as well as a letter indicating the target species (i.e. "r" for rabbit, "f" for fox and "bh" for brown hare). ID numbers are only being issued to people who have sat the snaring accreditation courses run by basc, gwct, sga or sacs and who have applied at their local police station. Solway Feeders supplies copper tags which can be attached to snares, ensuring that they comply with current legislation. The blank tags can be engraved with a ball point pen or we can stamp them for you, as illustrated in the photograph . If you would like us to stamp your tags, please remember to supply your unique id number when ordering. There are a number of ways to attach these tags to your snares, and copper will quickly tarnish and soon become almost invisible to target animals in grass or undergrowth. Importantly, however, the identification marks will remain easily legible to humans as per legal requirements. It is also worth remembering that these tags are useful for marking larsen traps and crow cages - another legal requirement in Scotland.

Dimensions: 3.5cm x 5cm x 7cm (with tail) weight: 1g

Product code: 1900


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