This double entry run-through trap is a great way of dealing with grey squirrels, and it is also handy for other invasive mammalian vermin species such as mink.

Heavy duty galv/plated 3x1 steel mesh. The two doors need to be set independently, and the mechanism works just as well when it is used as a single entry cage trap. Sprung doors on each end close very quickly, and locking bars slam into place to prevent any escapes. A carry handle on top of the trap makes this lightweight item extremely portable and easy to move around, and the low profile of the cage means that it is easy to camouflage when it is in position.

The trap comes with instructions for use, and we have also published a product guide on this site which provides a basic introduction to setting and operating these traps. For best use, the trap requires an attractive bait such as peanuts, bananas or peanut butter for squirrels, or rotten meat or fish for mink. We do not supply these with the trap. It is important to remember that grey squirrels are not native to Great Britain, and each year they expand their range at the expense of the British Red Squirrel.

It is illegal to release a grey squirrel into the wild from one of these traps, so you must take care to prepare an appropriate means of dispatching any trapped animal before setting a squirrel cage trap.

Dimensions: 765mm long x 155mm wide x 155mm high weight: 1.02kg

Product code: 2201


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