Wise Cage Feeder 5kg Green Complete

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The BEC Wise Feeder is a British made cage feeder with an internal holding capacity of 5kg. Manifactured from durable green plastic. The wise feeder mounts on the outside of a mesh cage, the feed trough is placed through a pre-cut hole in the wire. The hole should be approximately 10" x 4".

The design of the wise feeder provides food to birds without having to enter their run.  The easily removable lid has a carry handle for convenience.

The feeder attaches to the mesh using moulded plastic arms which are supplied unattached. The moulded arms come in "long" or "short"- allowing you to attach the feeder to sloping mesh as found on chicken arks etc.

The rate of feed is adjustable. The Wise Feeder's cleverly designed trough,  prevents birds scratching out the feed and vermin from accessing it. The rain guard, when screwed into place protects the feed from the elements.

Weight: 850g width: 13cm depth: 24 cm length: 31cm.

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