WCS Collarum Fox Live Capture Trap

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The collarum is a humane capture device which has been in use in America for over ten years. the fact that it is primarily manufactured from stainless steel means it will offer a long service life- even in exposed situations. The collarum is not a snare but works by throwing a noose over the fox's head. The end of the capture loop is secured to the ground. Unlike snares- the collarum does not need to be set on a run but instead relies on bait set onto the firing mechanism. this means it can be set wherever you want it to be- and for this reason it can be used in an urban environment. The unique firing mechanism (a pull rather than a normal push method) means that non-canines are unlikely to spring the trap. If a dog does spring the trap- it can be removed without being harmed. A human springing the trap is at very little risk. as the trap is camouflaged into the ground- it can be used in places where cage traps may be objectional. being light and compact it is easy to carry and set up. To reduce the risks from non target species and the public- a risk assessment should be carried out before setting a collarum. Avoid setting on or near to public footpaths- rights of way etc. once set- the trap needs to be checked at least once a day- although we recommend twice a day; first thing in morning and late evening. Before setting the collarum- make sure you have the equipment or the facilities available to dispatch the fox. A shotgun at close range or a rifle can be used. Make sure you stay within the law and that you have a suitable backstop for your shot. There are a number of useful videos on youtube- mostly from USA. Now approved for use in England- Scotland- Wales & Northern Ireland

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