Virkon S Tub (5kg)

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Virkon s is the best virucidial disinfectant around- and it is excellent for cleaning incubators- hatchers and the surfaces of a hatchery. Virkon S has a long shelf life even after it has been mixed. It is designed to be used around chicks- for cleaning related equipement or for the aerial spraying of chicks. Effective against viruses- bacteria- fungi- yeast and moulds- Virkon S tackles all the major problem areas. The solution- once diluted- is non irritant- non tainting- with no environment residue and has a low toxicity. All these claims- made by the manufacturer- have been independantly proven. All application and dilution instructions are found on the container. This is a 5kg tub- and we also supply virkon S in 50g. Sachets. MAFF approved for foot & mouth disease. 1300 parts water to one parts Virkon S. also effective against bird flu virus as a disinfectant 1:320 proven safety in the drinking water of broiler chicks (University of Cambridge) proven safety of spraying over chickens- pigs- calves and horses (University of Cambridge) proven safety of spraying and fogging over broiler chickens (United States) safe for use with hatching eggs (cleaning dirty eggs ) Dimensions: 380mm high x 130mm wide x 130mm deep weight: approx 5kg

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