Tube Snare Anchors

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Tube anchors are designed to securely fasten snares into the ground. On firm ground- they can be much more effective than traditional pegs or stakes- and once correctly installed they are very difficult to pull out. Our tube anchors are made from cut steel- and an18" length of 2mm wire cable can be included if you wish. This cable is fitted with a ferruled loop so that it is possible to attach snares using d-shackles. The anchors can be supplied without wire so that you can fit cable to your own specifications. To use- place the anchor on the driver for tube anchors- then drive it into the soil as deep as you wish. Remove the driver leaving the anchor in the ground. Once the snare is pulled tight- the anchor will pivot underground and lodge itself firmly into the soil. The harder it is pulled- the more firmly wedged it will become. The tube anchor can be re-used. Simply hold on to the end of the wire and drive a spade down along its length- working the soil loose. With a certain amount of digging- the anchor will come away- ready for re-use. the shape of the tube anchor makes it ideal for use on hard to moderate ground. In some situations- it will not be suitable for use on wet or peaty soils. Drivers are available

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