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This shrink wrap machine is used to wrap food products quickly and hygienically onto a tray. The machine has a stainless steel hot plate to seal the shrink wrap- and it operates on 240 volt 50hz electrical supply. This model is rated at 475 watts. Suitable for poultry- game- waterfowl- steaks- pork and cooked meat- the wrapping process creates a simple and hygienic cover for all kinds of food. The machine is comprised of a pair of rollers to mount the shrinkwrap film- a power on/off switch- an adjustable heat controller for the stainless steal hot plate and a hot cut cheese wire to cut the heat shrink wrap to suit. The shrinkwrap and polystyrene trays are not supplied with the machine- but it comes with a 12 month guarantee. Spare parts are available. Dimensions: 520mm wide x 625mm deep x 110mm high weight: 12.5kg

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