T20 Drinker Kit

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This simple automatic drinker kit is easy to set up- and a single set can provide water to one hundred chicks or fifty adult pheasants. The internal float valve has twelve easily adjustable depth settings- and spares are available on request. The kit includes five T-20 drinkers- ten metres of pipe and a single filter which reduces the risk of blockages for all drinkers. As the water is taken from the circular trough- the float lowers and allows more to enter from the 6mm bore rubber waterpipe. We also supply more tube in lengths of 5 metres- and we have a variety of supplementary fixtures and fittings such as floats and filters. It is important to note that this kit only works on a low pressure intake- and it is best used with a traditional header tank. The dimensions for each drinker are: width 205mm- height 125mm trough dimensions: 36mm wide x 30mm deep x 570mm trough circumference.

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