Super Rat and Mouse killer Max Wax Blocks

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New from Pest-Stop the Super Rat and Mouse Killer Max Wax blocks are legally compliant with the new changes to rodenticide legislation. Wax blocks are particularly effective in damp areas and should be contained within a secure lockable bait box. 

The Max wax blocks have a highly attractive chocolate scent and contain Brodifacoum as the powerful active ingredient. The plastic tub contains 15 x 10gm blocks. Regulation changes for the use of rodent baits come into effect on the 1st March 2018 and will affect how the general public (amateur usage) are able to buy and use these products. This will affect all ANTICOAGULANT based products Firstly- the pack size is being reduced in weight.

The maximum package size of Rat bait will be 300g for Wax Block type and 150g for Grain/Pasta type. The maximum size for Mouse bait will be 100g for both types. Secondly- the active ingredient concentration is also being reduced from 50ppm to 25ppm. All bait must be contained within a tamperproof bait station when in use such as 3001   3006    3007   3010  and kept in a secure place during storage.

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