Stub Axle (for Solway Trailfeeder) (AM0070)

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ADR replacement stub axle for the Solway Trailfeeder. Can be fitted to most models from 2000 There is a four hole mounting bracket welded onto one end- which makes fitting a stub axle to a chassis easy. The pcd of the hub bolts is 100mm. Sold as a single unit. These units have  pre-lubricated bearings- however they do require regular maintenance and adjustment of the end float to ensure long life and it is recommended that you re-pack the hubs with fresh clean grease at least every three months. Failure to service- lubricate & adjust the bearings will void the warranty. This axle is rated for off road use only- max speed 10mph.

When the stub axle is delivered the wheel bearings are not run in. After the first 12hrs of use the bearings must be checked and adjusted as follows: while rotating the wheel tighten the castle nut until there is a slight bind and all bearing surfaces are in contact. Then back off the castle nut 1/8 of a turn to the nearest locking hole. The wheel should rotate freely with 0.002-0.008 inch of play or end float. Lock the castle nut in place with a new split pin. Failure to replace this pin may cause the wheel & hub to come off the axle! Fresh clean grease should be applied via the grease nipple fitted or worked in by hand on the semi-sealed type. Models from February 2013 are fitted with semi-sealed pre-lubricated bearings. Do not over fill with grease as this will push off the hub-caps. Repeat for the other wheel. Ensure the hub caps are securely re-fitted. The wheel bearings must be checked and adjusted again at 100hr or one month interval whichever is sooner. It is recommended that at three month intervals the hubs are repacked with fresh clean grease and adjusted as above. Replacement bearings and grease shields AM0077 are available from our spares dept.

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