Sting’ Polywire 500m

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Sting' Polywire is a fantastic material to use when setting up an electric fence- not only because of its strength and durability but also because of its clever design. Six 0.16mm stainless steel conducting wires run through the 2mms of polyprop- each one generously plaited to stand out and offer a great surface area to make contact. This can easily be seen in the highlighted photograph (right). Despite its slender appearance- 'sting' polywire is capable of packing a real punch- and every tiny steel wire can make its presence felt. The high resistance value of 7.0 ohms/m means that this polywire gives a very strong shock- but it is better suited to smaller fences and shorter electric circuits. Solway Feeders also supply 'sting' polywire in a 250 metre roll.

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