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Solway Rat Drop Trap

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Based on the traditional drop box- the Solway Rat Drop Trap catches rats without the need for rodenticides or spring traps. No more dead rats in wall cavities- under floor boards- or lying dead in the open where other wildlife can access them.  A food trough at the end of the tunnel is easily accessed by the opening door. The multi catch re-setting trap is manufactured in Scotland from galvanised sheet and weld-mesh for longevity. We recommend locking the treadle plate with the turn buckle for a few days to allow the rats to gain confidence- When the rats are happy to feed from the trough release the lock and they will fall into the cage below. A sliding door makes for easy removal. Box size 55cmx55cmx39cm high to top of cage- 55cm high to top of tunnel. Weight approx 12.5Kg

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