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We now offer our own take on the larsen mate trap- also known as a "clam trap" or a "butterfly trap". Perfect for catching trap-shy crows- the larsen mate trap can be used in conjuction with a standard larsen trap or set independently as a simple- lightweight alternative to larger traps. The trap is simply set with a split perch which holds the cage open until a bird lands on it- releasing the spring and catching the bird securely inside. There has been some discussion in the sporting press as to the legality and suitability of this type of trap. Under the current regulations and general license conditions this trap is legal in all UK home countries. However if you are in any doubt as to the suitability of this trap or are concerned that other non target species (in particular "protected species") either avian or mamalian please do not use this trap. This situation is constantly being reviewed and as a consequence we have introduced a simpler single catch trap suitable for all corvids under the terms of the general licence. During testing on local estates this cube trap stock code 1326 has proved very successful and very reliable and is now out selling the clam type trap. Dimensions: (closed) 16" x 17" x 18"

NEW REGULATIONS CAME INTO FORCE WITH REGARD TO GENERAL LICENSE FROM JANUARY 2021 The regulations vary throughout the UK Home Nations. The user must comply with the precise detail in the regulations depending upon your local area.

A Brief Outline of Larsen Trap Legislation

The General Licence is issued by authorities in England- Scotland- Wales and Northern Ireland to allow the Larsen trap to be used for the control of Crows- Magpies- Jackdaws and Jays.

All Larsen trapping operations carried out under the General Licence must have a reasonable purpose. Simply hating Crows or Magpies is not a valid reason. Protecting livestock or crops is a valid reason.

The General Licence states that welfare requirements of the decoy must be taken into account. Decoy birds must be provided with food- water- shelter and a perch. As with all traps the Larsen must be checked at least once a day. The best times to check are one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset. Be aware that some traps can be filled with trapped birds many times a day- so keep checking during the day.

The Larsen trap is governed by a general licence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Captured birds provided they fall within the legal quarry list may be dispatched by an approved method.

Any non target species must be released immediately!

There is no set size to decoy cages.

When not in use Larsen traps MUST be rendered incapable of catching- i.e. no bird can push the trap door open and become caught as a result. Top opening traps can be turned upside down or have the door springs unhooked. Best practice is to store your traps when you have finished your trapping season.

Solway Feeders Ltd accepts no responsibility for users who use the traps to catch non target species or use the traps outside the terms of the General Licence.

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