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Solway Fox Trap

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This trap has undergone considerable development over the many years- and we are confident that this method of catching foxes is a realistic alternative when other methods prove unworkable.

The gate mechanism and solid surround to the entrance look some what stronger than they need to be- but our experience tells us otherwise. Mr fox tests everything to the limit- so be to be sure of a long service life- the trap has been given battleship strength.

Our unique side entry mechanism uses the natural inquisitive nature of the fox to entice them into the trap. The substantial door is triggered by a treadle plate and held firmly shut by a slam bar. The trap requires bait- and full instructions for use are included.

The instructions are also published on this site. The cage will be delivered fully assembled- and while there are handles at either end for moving the trap- it is advisable for two people to lift this item. Dimensions: 152cml x 47cmw x 52cmh cage: 50mm square holes- 3mm wire. 8mm thick steel rods join the top- bottom and side panels together. Weight: 28kg.

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