Solway Feeders Kelton Hen House

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The new Solway Feeders Kelton Hen House offers fantastic quality and security for up to four large hens or six bantams. Designed and manufactured in Spain- the hen house is supplied in two flatpack containers. Unlike many flatpacked units- the Kelton is very simple to assemble- and the whole house can be put together in less than twenty minutes.

You don't need allen keys or specialist tools- just a screwdriver and a bit of space to work. All joints and corners are easy to find- and several have been predrilled or fitted with dowels to make the assembly a simple matter of slotting pieces together. The weatherproof roof extends over the enclosed area and the run- and a separate swing flap over the nest box is also coated in durable felt. Inside- birds are protected from the elements by robust and weather treated wooden panels- and a sliding door closes off the roosting quarters at night.

Inside the coop- a removable floor and adjustable perches allow for versatile use and simple- hygienic maintenance- while the run has plenty of space for drinkers and feeders. The nestbox attachment has a simple divider which can be slid into position to provide ample space for two laying birds- and the nests can be accessed by a simple felted door which can be easily raised and held in place by a support bar. While the Solway Feeders Kelton Hen House is not designed to be moved around a great deal- it is perfectly easy to move this unit onto fresh grass periodically.

This will not only save excessive wear and tear on the turf- but it will also give birds plenty of stimulation as they get to pick at beasties and bugs in the fresh grass. While the Kelton Hen House was designed to keep poultry- it is also very handy as an outdoor abode for ferrets. Dimensions: house and run: 1.49m x 75cm x 1.04m    nest box: 41cm x 57cm x 40cm

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