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Solway Digital Smart Feeder 6 Volt only (7055)

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A DIY 6 Volt feeder suitable for fitting to your own hoppers. We can also supply hoppers which will be compatible. The feeder is suitable for most poultry, game birds and wildfowl. Operates on 6volt dry cell lantern battery or 6 volt rechargeable battery higher power output (not supplied).

The rechargeable high power battery will last up to 4 weeks on normal twice daily feeding cycles. Maximum spread of feed is approx. 16 feet/5metres diameter below the feeder. Fitted with new type anti-spill spinner plate.

The nozzle to spinner plate distance is adjustable & helps minimise spillage. Wheat , barley and standard poultry & game pellets only.

Also available a special offer version with battery and charger  7055 B&C

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