Solway Blenheim Feeder with Outdoor Rain Cover (6kg)

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Designed by Solway Feeders and manufactured in Britain by BEC Osprey, the Blenheim feeder can hold up to 6kg of wheat, barley, chick pellets, mini pellets, grower pellets, layer pellets or mash. It is easily filled by removing the lid or rain cover and pouring the feed inside. Gravity will then allow the feed to trickle into the specially designed troughs. The Blenheim feeder comes complete with outdoor rain cover, indoor lid, feet, and  steel hanger bar/carry handle.

The specially designed anti-waste feature helps save you money, and a set of four robust feet raise the feed trough by 60mm. The birds or chicks can feed comfortably with less feed waste and mess, and the feet have a wide foot print to keep the feeder stable. The removable feet fit firmly under the trough, and can be easily cleaned. This item is suitable for chicks and adult poultry, pheasants, partridge and quail and is now available at a new low price.

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