Solway Blenheim Indoor Feeder with Lid Handle and Feet – 6kg

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This smart British made feeder designed by Solway Feeders holds up to 6kg of wheat, barley, chick pellets, mini pellets, grower pellets, layers pellets or mash. The specially designed in-built anti-scratch ring makes It very hard for birds to scratch at feed in the trough, which will prevent wastage and save you money.

The Blenheim feeder is complete with an indoor lid, feet, and a  steel hanger bar/carry handle. a set of four robust feet raise the feed trough by 60mm, and birds or chicks can feed comfortably with less feed waste and mess. The feet have a wide foot print to keep the feeder stable, and being removable, they are easily cleaned. This sturdy feeder was designed by solway feeders and is suitable for gamebirds and poultry of all ages and species.

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