Solway Automatic Game & Poultry Feeder (1301)

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Designed & built by Solway Feeders Ltd, please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

The Solway Automatic Game & Poultry Feeder has established itself as a valuable aid to both the full and part time gamekeeper responsible for feeding game birds and wildfowl. It has also been used to great effect by medium to  large volume poultry keepers. The design, construction and materials use have been proven over 25 years of continuous production. Fitted with 6 period timer and 12vdc high torque motor, the horn buzzer sounds during selected feeding times to attract the birds.

The sturdy wooden legs are shaped for extra stability, and the treated wooden materials make it possible for sitting in shallow water to feed ducks. Duck feeding baffles are available at extra cost. The hopper capacity is approximately 250lb (115kg) of wheat, and being made from polyethylene means that it is sure to have a long and waterproof life. The spinner plate is made of  steel. The lid is easily tilted open and is secured internally with elastic bungee cord. A simple hasp & staple can be padlocked shut. (padlock is not supplied). The digital timer allows up to six feeds per day and the amount of grain or pellets discharged at each feed is set to vary between 0-59 seconds per feed. each second throws out approximately 0.5lb (250g) of wheat to a diameter of 30 feet.

Use cleaned / sieved feed only. Stones and foreign matter will damage your feeder and void your warranty. Do not use liquid based attractants as these tend to coagulate in the hopper. Powder attractants such as Solway GameMaster Spice and Birdpuller can be used.

The clock shows 24 hour time and the timer display goes to sleep after five minutes to save the internal CR2032 battery. The display can be easily seen in dark or poor light conditions. The motor unit runs on a 12 volt dc battery, this is not supplied. We recommend that you use a 12vdc 70-80ah leisure battery for this item.  The motor is protected by a 15 amp blade fuse. Not suitable for use with unregulated solar charging systems. We recommend charging using the new type of intelligent chargers such as Optimate.

We supply this unit partially assembled, all you have to do is attach the legs with the nuts & bolts provided. Connect up your own battery supply, set the clock and programme the feeding times, fill the hopper with your chosen food (standard pellets, wheat, barley or a mixture of each) and the machine is ready for use.  The feed rate is set based on using clean dry wheat. When feeding pellets or a mixture of pellets and wheat the feed rate will be reduced, this may require increasing the feed period setting. It is not recommended for larger kernel such as whole maize of large sunflower seeds or the like, but we can supply a modified version for these large feeds at extra cost, please contact our sales or technical department for more information.

We supply a variety of spares for this unit, including spinner plates, aluminium bosses, auto feeder timers, motors, duck baffles and an extra high output motor housing.

The Solway Automatic Feeder is ROHS compliant.

Dimensions approx.: 31.5ins (800mm) wide x 58.5ins (1485mm) height overall. spinner: stainless steel, 10.75ins (273mm) diameter, with flat bar guard; 30ins (762mm) from the ground. motor: powerful 2000 rpm 12v dc motor - mounted internally. new timer 1307 digital 6 setting periods per 24 hours.

Timer operating instructions for 12vdc SOLWAY 6 period timer

Setting the daytime & feeding time.

The timer will work with just the main battery connected but will not store the information if the main battery is disconnected. To ensure your settings are saved use the accessory lithium cell  CR2032 provided.

Connect the main battery leads to the correct battery polarity, connect the positive red cable first then the negative black cable. when disconecting the main battery always disconnect the negative black cable first, failure to follow this proceedure may damage the timer ! When the power is connected two red dots on the display will flash. If the dots do not flash disconnect the leads, wait for at least 1 minute before reconnecting to the battery.

Set the current time by using the HOURS & MINUTES buttons.

Briefly press & release the MENU button to display SPIN  (1-6). Press HOURS & MINUTES button to set desired SPIN TIME.

Press & release the Menu button again to display the associated SPIN TIME, use HOUR & MINUTE buttons to select the FEED TIME (0-99 seconds)

Repeat the previous two procedures for up to 6 timed periods. Important note; for simplicity of Menu navigation the default setting for SPINS is set to off. This results in SPIN (4-6) being hidden. Enabling SPIN3 will reveal SPIN4 only. Each subsequent SPIN must be ENABLED to make all 6 SPIN cycles available.


RESET/CLEAR MEMORY. Press and hold ALL buttons for 5 seconds, this will erase all SPIN and TIME settings.

Additional information.

The timer has also been fitted with a fused (10 amp continuous/15amp blow) external relay to carry the high current required of the 12 volt DC  70 watt SOLWAY MOTOR .

Motor speed control can only be used on special application low power/low wattage units.DO NOT try to set this function as it will harm the timer and void your warranty.   


For more information please contact our sales or technical department. 01557 500253

Solway Feeders Ltd.  Main Street Dundrennan Kirkcudbright DG6 4QH.

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