Side Mounted Horizontal Nipple

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Unlike traditional drinker nipples- these horizontal nipples are spring loaded so that they work without a gravitational pull. The action of the bird's pecking wobbles the spring- which releases drops of water either into the bird's beak or down into the moulded drip guard beneath the nipple. This ensures that birds are provided with a reliable and hygienic water source without the risk of leakages. Easy to fit and widely versatile- side mounted horizontal nipples are handy for a variety of different uses. These nipples are used in the Solway Hanging Nipple Bucket (horizontal). Do not use electric or mechanical drivers to insert these nipples- only use firm hand tightness to make the seal. An insertion tool is available at additional cost but is not essential. Only suitable for juvenile or adult birds- from 10 days onwards. Dimensions: weight: 8g width: 3.5cm april 2014. projection once fitted: 2cm.

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