Scissor Mole Trap-Extra Strong

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New type 2014 now available (differs slightly from photo) heavy duty. This scissor mole trap has an extra strong spring which is more robust than any other matching trap on the market. Similar in trapping mechanism to the fenn scissor mole trap- the scissor is set into the ground on shallow runs and tunnels so that the handle tops are visible above the ground. This saves you from having to mark where the traps are- and also avoids you having to dig up your traps to see if they have caught. When setting the trap- cover it over to prevent any light or air from entering the mole run. In a garden- you can use extra protection from light or air by placing a bucket over the trap site- but this is not always practical on larger jobs. Check all of your traps frequently and re-set traps which have caught. For some basic instructions and advice on catching moles- view our product guide. Dimensions: 190mm long x 80mm approx trap jaws open: 45mm wide x 45mm high approx

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