SA 2 Gas Brooder (reg. 50-150)

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Supplied with an adjustable 50-150mbar regulator- 2m of hose and hose clamps.    VIDEO                                                                                                                              The metal air filter is easy to use and maintain- and despite the fact that it does not have a thermostat- the addition of an adjustable heat regulator (50-150) allows it to be operated at levels of between 1500 and 3500 btu. 0.4/1.0 kw the SA 2 is capable of warming up to approx 200/250 pheasant or hen chicks- depending on how well insulated the shed is. A simple hook on the top of the brooder allows it to be easily hung by a chain from above. Two metres of orange gas hose and an adjustable regulator are supplied. We also supply a variety of spares for this unit- including extra gas hose- which is available by the metre. Solway Feeders also stock spare regulators and hoses- thermocouples- safety valves and air filters for this item. 

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