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CLEARANCE ITEMS LIMITED STOCK WAS £15:00 Please state which size when ordering  125w   200w  or  350w This round long-life stainless steel heating element is suitable for all small maino cabinet incubators up to the larger 280 hen egg machines- as well as for curfew- fiem and massalles models. the unit can be run on a power source between 220v and 240v- with a choice of output of 125- 200 or 350 watts. a greatFadvantage to these round elements is that they are flexible enough to be bent into shape- making them suitable for a variety of homemade or diy incubators. when used in those circumstances- Solway feeders recommends that this element should be held in place with ceramic heat insulators. the wires are approximately 80cm long and the entire unit is ce marked.

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