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Rat Cage Trap Advanced

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This clever cage trap has two different catch methods built into it. The main method is the sprung door- which snaps shut when bait is tampered with on the treadle hook. As soon as the first rat is caught- he will be left inside the trap with the bait- which will drive his colleagues into a frenzy of jealousy. As they circle the trap in an attempt to claim some bait for themselves- they will come across the simple hinged door at the rear of the cage.

This door allows rats to enter but it prevents them from leaving- meaning that you may find that you have caught up to four rats at once. The carry handle allows you to move the trap without the risk of getting bitten or scratched- and all caught rats should be humanely despatched. Because the trap catches rats alive- you must be sure to check it at least once a day. For best results- bait the trap with the main door tied open for a few nights until the rats get used to entering and feeding safely.

When you see that they have become accustomed to the trap- remove the tie and you will reliably catch. This trap is either plated or painted- depending on stock. Dimensions: 350mm long x 175mm wide x 160mm high weight: 837g

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