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 Quill's new boost tonic is designed to bolster immune systems by providing birds with essential amino acids and chelated minerals. Quill boost has been used to turn around ailing chicks- with success rates so dramatic that mortality rates were reduced and birds taking the tonic put on weight and developed faster than those under usual nourishment. Particularly suited to use on birds which have undergone a change in feeding or are suffering from stress- quill boost stimulates the birds' natural immune system- helping to fight off illnesses and drops in condition. The organic acids in quill boost reduce water to 4.1 ph which is not only ideal for the birds' digestive processes but also creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria. Diluted Quill boost solutions can be stored in water bowsers or header tanks for up to six months without deteriorating. Mixed at a concentration of one part tonic to one thousand parts water- Quill boost is easy and economical to use. We supply quill boost tonic in 1 litre containers. Dilution rate 1000:1   1ml per litre of water.

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