Outdoor Plastic Nest Box

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Outdoor Plastic Nest Box with Roll Out Nest Bottom. Wooden nest boxes are common- but they have the disadvantage of harbouring many cracks and crevices for red mites and bacteria to build up- live and breed. This means regular cleaning and disinfection is required to keep your stock laying. The chickbox was designed and manufactured in UK to offer clean hygienic alternatives to traditional nest boxes.  The chickbox is very easy to install into your own housing and has been designed to be smooth on the inside with non reflective plastic and no corners to harbour red mite or bacteria build up. The perch assembly slides out giving full access to change or clean the chick box fully.   Approx Dimensions: width: (widest part) 33cm- height 39cm- depth (perch folded up) 32cm- perch adds approx 24cm when folded down weight: 2.5kg (with rollout bottom 3kg) Additional information  http://www.chickbox.co.uk/coop-nest-box/ Hen house not included.

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