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Multi Catch Larsen Trap

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The Solway Multi Catch Larsen Trap has three catching compartments around its edge- and a spacious call bird compartment in the middle. The side entry sliding trap doors are operated by a wire treadle which is situated inside each catching compartment. When a crow or magpie enters the trap- its first instinct is to hop onto the treadle- which then closes the door behind it.
You are now required by law (general licence) to secure the trap to the ground- 3 steel pegs are are now supplied. If you are trapping in Scotland you need to have a tag fixed to each trap with your authorised user number clearly visible.

Recent tests by our staff have shown that while this trap is extremely versatile and effective in almost any circumstance- it is particularly deadly when used on open ground- away from trees or fences. The Multi Larsen Trap is designed to be able to deal with magpies and carrion crows- and the “multi” function can catch up to three times the amount of magpies or crows when compared to a conventional square or rectangular larsen trap.

To get started- your first priority should be to catch a call-bird. This is always hard- since a trap without a call bird is treated with suspicion by all the local birds. Either ask a friendly gamekeeper for a call bird- or catch your own using broken eggs or a decoy. Magpie decoys can catch crows and magpies- but crow decoys will usually only catch other crows. The trap arrives assembled and ready for use. Remember to check your trap at least twice a day and provide your call bird with food- water and a perch.
The traps are made from 1″ square 2mm thick galvanised weldmesh- and all are assembled in the UK on our own premises. Approx dimensions: 1010mm diameter x 490mm high shipping weight: 15kg Solway Feeders ltd accepts no responsibility for trappers who use these traps to catch non target species- or who use these traps outside the terms of the general licence.

Using and setting of these traps is covered by GENERAL LICENCES issued by the Government, each of the home Countries (England Scotland Wales & N Ireland) issue their own version which you must comply with according to your local area. We strongly recommend you review these licences which are available on the BASC website…. https://basc.org.uk/general-licences/

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