Mobile Feeder Wiring Loom (incl switch) MODEL SPECIFIC

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FEATURES RELAY SWITCHING COMPATIBLE WITH SOLWAY FEEDERS HD MOTORS & MACHINES The HD version comes with an uprated wiring including inline fuse holder and handle bar switch- relay switching allowing you to select continuous or pulse feeding.This loom is standard fitting for most ATV Quad Bikes. A custom made loom to fit MULE or PICKUP type towing machines can be supplied at additional cost- please consult our technical department for more details. Please indicate the type- make and model of towing vehicle when ordering. This new version wiring loom is suitable for most Solway Mobile Feeders dating back to 1992. Models prior to the end of 2016 will require adapting to fit your older machine- please contact our sales office for details and additional cost. Please quote the feeder model number- serial number and date code when ordering. Since January 2017 the new type of loom with new switch gear has been supplied with ATV mobile & trail feeders 1308- & 1311.     This loom can be fitted to older machines but requires the "S" type plug to connect to the feeder. The older type round black bulkhead 3 pin plug and socket are now obsolete. Please contact our sales office to confirm your requirements before ordering. Suitable for SOLWAY FEEDERS OEM machines only.

Fitting the new type SOLWAY loom to your ATV Remove sufficient body panels to enable an easy route for the cable. Ensure it fits fairly loosely with plenty of spare cable at the switch end allowing for the movement of the handlebars and controls and battery box end. The cable can be clipped or tied to the frame of the atv but make sure it is clear of any hot parts of the engine or exhaust system. The switch is prewired and connected to the loom and only re-quires mounting on the left hand side handlebar as close to the other controls as possible. The other end of the loom connects to the battery with the ring connectors provided. The fuse link wire connects to the Positive terminal and the plain end ring to the Negative terminal. Connect the 7 pin Grey “S” type plug to the feeder “S” type socket and check the operation of the feeder motor. Press the top red switch into the on position. For continuous feed use the mid grey switch. For intermittent / pulse feed use the lower red push button . When not in use turn off the top red switch Refit and secure all bodywork panels and recheck operation. JANUARY 2017

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